It consists of 3 stages, located in blocks of 20, 24 and 26. Stage 1 covers a land of 13,675.07 m2, divided into 26 single-family lots, ranging from 333.61 m2 to 456.17 m2. Stage 2 occupies a land of 10,368 m2 divided into 19 single-family lots ranging from 341 m2 to 500m2. Stage 3 has a plot of 9,158 m2 divided into 19 single-family lots ranging from 318 m2 to 471 m2.

Residential Complex Plan

The lots have a front adjacent the road and a rear adjacent with the green area, which is the representative element of this residential. The incredible green area has a river that covers the perimeter of the complex as well as a swimming pool exclusively for residents; no doubt the main attraction of Miramar Residential. The Green area goes directly to the center of the residencial residential;  The main characteristic of this place is to preserve the kindness that nature offers us, besides giving privacy to each of the lots such as the belt of native trees that give us a beautiful view.

I encourage you to know this place and you’ll want to stay here forever!