El Jaguar Residential

The private “ El Jaguar” is located in the nine block of the residential complex Selvamar, one of the best located, due to its proximity to the main access and common areas of the complex. Here are some features that will include:

Underground infrastructure Water, drainage, electricity, telephony, etc.
Stamped concrete road.
Exterior lighting.
Access control.
Minimum cost of maintenance of common areas.

The division of these lots was oriented to receive the best possible ventilation and lighting in the area.

The access to the whole development is divided by a ridge that will be differentiated with a texture’s change. It will have a strip of green area and will have a visual obelisk of pigmented concrete with shades of orange and dark gray.

It currently has one (1) development under construction name Casa Makech luxury apartments with 3 rooms with multiple amenities and a special style that blends modernity with nature.